Why Study The Holocaust?

Why study the holocaust? This is a question I readily hear.
Let me explain my reasons.
On the 16th November 2015 it was reported in the news that the Kurdish forces in Iraq have found a mass grave. Around 78 people who were killed for being other. In the eyes of the idiots who call themselves ISIL/ISIS these Yazidi are evil devil worshippers. How is that different to the killing of Jews and Gypsies because they are different? Also it is claimed that this mass grave is all older women with younger ones taken as sex slaves, (shadows of liebensborn?). Every woman on the planet should be outraged by this, no I’m wrong every morally thinking human should be outraged. Just think every one of those women was someone’s daughter, every one of those women was a person.
This outrage got me thinking.
Studying the Holocaust is studying the hatred of the other, of those who do not conform to how you think. Every genocide can be put down to hatred of differences. Trivial isn’t it. Just think about it really think, do you really want everyone to think, speak, dress, interpret, eat, drink, and worship the same? Personally I don’t, I think our differences are what makes the human race fascinating. Our differing cultures around the world make it possible for us all to experience a rich mental tapestry, and have a diverse mix of friends. I do see religion as a major cause of world conflict but I would never tell someone their religion would stop a friendship. Every religion has both its good and bad even my pagan path. Religious writings are not rules, they are guidelines the world has moved on and majorly changed since the Torah, Bible and Quran were written. Personally I think that by studying the holocaust we can then teach how to love the other not annihilate it.
Studying the Holocaust is examining how people come desensitised to killing, how the words Eleven Million People seem less than the figure 11,000,000 (six and 6 work the same). Every day on the news we hear about death and destruction but it is not until it really hits close to home, like with the despicable attacks in Paris on Friday 13th, the ordinary person reacts. The big difference now is how we see this death and destruction daily, whereas 75 years ago the ordinary person had to move past the death that occurred on a daily basis, the modern person just sees it on the news and goes on with their life, we all have “it doesn’t affect me personally syndrome”.
We can also learn how the killers become desensitised, how they learn to see the other as less than human. The SS murderers or the Deash terrorists seem similar in their lack of feeling towards their fellow humans. This is because they’re conditioned to seeing their victims as subhuman this we need to eradicate as there is no such thing as subhuman.
So why study the Holocaust? Because it is still relevant in today’s world. A Holocaust Remembrance day quote sums this up. If we don’t learn we can’t teach. If we don’t teach no one will learn”

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